When looking around most building environments discerning observers will see engineered wood products everywhere,
As a Wood panel machinery supplier and Wood panel additive supplier it is obvious to me.

But engineered wood products may not be immediately apparent to a casual observer: Cupboards, wardrobes and interior doors, shelves, bench tops, desks, and of course many floors and even many scotias and mouldings.

In years gone by, the wood enhancement process was with wood veneers for value-adding inferior appearance woods. And the only coatings were varnishes and crude paints.
Times changed with High Pressure Laminates, then Low Pressure Short Cycle Press processing, not forgetting the countless processed to apply printed films and lacquer coats to engineered wood panels.
So Now we are involving panel lamination machinery suppliers, paper impregnation machinery suppliers, paper impregnation additive suppliers

In a recent popular UK weekly architectural program the host discounted a melamine film overlayed door with a printed woodgrain design as rubbish compared to a genuine wood panel. To a panel lamination machinery supplier, pinted decors are in fact high quality, high resolution photographs of natural substances such as wood grains and polished stone and marble.

Woodgrain and stone prints are indeed imitations of nature. And nowadays concrete and metal surfaces are simulated.
Is that a bad thing?The paper impregnation machinery supplier will of course say no!
And so too would a paper impregnation machinery supplier and a paper impregnation additive supplier
A landscape picture is not a real landscape, but,in the same way a landscape or seascape photograph helps to invoke feelings of peace, serenity or even excitement, so too can well-executed décor designs supply ambience

Our workplaces and homes are places where many spend a large portion of time
It is important to design for the appropriate emotions: relaxation, enthusiasm, creativity,
efficiency, peace and happiness. And for many, to express our characters.

But keeping them up-to-date can prove a mammoth task with the ever-changing global décor trends. Here laminates prove to be an ally for those trying to develop their interiors.
So manufacturers are constantly communicating with the following suppliers:

  • Substrate manufacturers for the vast array of engineered wood panels with an ever-increasing range of requirements and specifications
  • Décor paper and textured press plate and roller suppliers to produce in-trend quality laminated products.
  • And the panel lamination, paper impregnation suppliers and panel