JetMate colouring

TIANJIN JET-MATE TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. registered in the Tianjin port Free Trade Zone.
Mills are located in  the Tianjin high-tech zone, and sales offices are in Canada, Germany, Australia, the USA, Hong Kong, and many other countries.

The business focuses on colour chemicals, function chemicals and international import and export trading. Colour chemicals include Dyestuff for Non-Textile and Textiles. Dyestuff for Non-Textiles is mainly used for Timber, Paper, Ink/Coating, Leather, Aluminium, Waterborne Wood Coatings, Plastics and other industrial products.

Textile Dyes are mainly used for cotton, polyacrylic fiber and non-woven fabrics. The direction of Functional chemicals is the development of dyes & pigments, along with their extended use in electroplating, electronic chemicals and polymer chemicals. Cooperators extend throughout the Asia-Pacific area, North America and Europe. Jet-Mate dyes are quality products at competitive prices in the global market.

Utilising the latest equipment, the JET-MATE GROUP Research and Development Center, Quality Control Center and Application and Service Centers have formed a sound system to ensure the consistent quality of products

JET-MATE also operates high-tech research and investment projects with local notable universities.
The JET-MATE GROUP therefore draws on the talents and advanced theories from Universities to improve the R&D system.