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Wuertz Additives

E&P Würtz&Co GmbH

Würtz, the wood panel additives supplier formulates and supplies release agents, wetting agents, catalysts and other specialised additives to the reconstituted wood-based panel and panel lamination industries. Würtz’s 50 years of success is from a broad base of knowledge and experience spanning several industries.

PAT® is a globally respected registered brand name
—Polymer Additive Technology —

Paper Impregnation and Lamination

As a panel lamination additives supplier Wuertz proffers Wetting agents, release agents, catalysts and a wide range of other additives and special products for impregnation and lamination

Chipboard & Fiberboard

For the production of chipboards and fiberboards, a multitude of PAT® release agents is available. Depending on production processes and individual circumstances, this Wood panel additives supplier offers products that can be applied to material to be pressed or that can be used to treat the press plates and press belts
All PAT® release agents are environmentally friendly, completely biodegradable products and cause no harm at later thermal utilization of press plates or belts