HAPCO Wood Panel Machinery Supplier

Hapco Presses

HAPCO Machinery is a wood panel machinery supplier that manufactures a range of presses and wood panel machinery for the wood panel industry. Commencing in the early-90 with veneer and plywood presses HAPCO recognized the need for European quality melamine short-cycle presses but at affordable prices. This was achieved by equipping the presses with European parts but with fabrication and assembly in their modern factory in Suzhou, near Shanghai.

Several shortcomings of the European press were identified as contributing to some “classic” processing and quality problems. HAPCO, as a wood panel machinery supplier, were built to eliminate these issues

  • HAPCO presses are of European quality and parts are generally of European supply
  • Frames are fabricated from the highest quality alloy steel, & milled for precisely for exact parallelism
  • Platens are manufactured from the highest quality alloy steel, with close special designed¬† heating channels for thermal efficiency
  • Thick frame sections are standard with accurate design to prevent problems associated with frame flexing
  • Innovative and Patented features are incorporated into the presses.
  • Options range from manual to fully automatic, with any size
  • Skilled technicians available for installation and commissioning and backup ongoing service
  • With HAPCO, there is no compromise in quality